Alfred Schett & Richard C. Keeler

This two-volumes set printed in-4to is the second volume of the series called "The Monographs" edited by Jean-Paul Wayenborgh.

Volume 1 was written by Alfred Schett (1917-2005). Titled "Textbook" it shows every imaginable ophthalmoscope, also those which were invented but never build, or only build as unique specimen. Full of woodcut reproductions from original papers published in ophthalmic journals of the treated period of time, this 425p strong, in-4to printed hard bound book gives the reader a complete information of that vital instrument for ophthalmologists.

Volume 2 was written by Richard C. Keeler. Titled "Atlas" it shows all the relevant instruments kept in the company museum of Keeler Instruments. All the ophthalmoscopes are presented country by country with a short explanation of their particularities. It begins with the Helmholtz ophthalmoscope, invented in 1851, and ends about 1951.

The Atlas consists of 226 pages. Both, the Textbook and the Atlas are indexed making it easy to locate a wanted illustration of a particular ophthalmoscope. Volume 1 is printed in German and English language, volume 2 (Atlas) in English only.  


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