The History of Strabismology


edited by

Gunter von Noorden


No need to tell who Gunter von Noorden is. Born in Frankfurt (Germany) he left soon Germany to work in the United States under famous teachers like Braley, Burian and Blodi  to become 1969 full Professor at the Wilmer Institute in Baltimore (Maryland). From 1973 to 1995 Professor and Director of the Ocular Motility Service at the Baylor College (Houston, Texas). Gunter von Noorden was President of the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and President of the International Strabismological Association.

He is the best editor that Wayenborgh Publishing could find to edit this first extended History of Strabismology.

Most interesting chapters were written by no less famous ophthalmic personalities like Almeida A. Henderson (Belo Horizonte/Brazil), Shinobu Awaya (Nagoya University/Japan), A. Brown-Limon (Mexico City/Mexico), Bill E. Gillies (Melbourne/Australia), Eugene M. Helveston (Indiana University, Indiana), Joseph Lang (Zurich/Switzerland), Emma Limón de Brown, (Mexico City/Mexico), Hans Remky (Munich/Germany), Geraldo Ribeiro de Barros (Belo Horizonte/Brazil), Gill Roper-Hall (St.Louis University, St.Louis/Missouri) and Yoshimasa Watanabe (Okayama University/Japan).

Hard bound, printed in-4to format on glossy art paper, this book has (12) 305 pages with 265 illustrations. The colored printed jacket shows the famous squinting lady from Georg Bartisch´s Ophthalmodouleia (see The Monographs, vol.3)

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