The History of Ophthalmology in Japan


edited by

Saichi Mishima


              This is the first western monograph devoted to the history of ophthalmology in Japan. Written by the late Saiichi Mishima it brings first an introduction to Japanese cultural and political history  from archeological periods through the different eras from the Nara Era (710-784) up to the Meiji Era (1868-1912). Mishima and his co-authors describes "The Eye in Ancient Times" and then, Era by Era the development of medicine and ophthalmology.

              Abundantly illustrated with many color illustrations, this is probably the most interesting title of the series "The Monographs". For most of the western readers each page contains very often unknown facts due to the lack of accessible literature in western languages.

              Saichi Mishima edited his book with the help of famous Japanese historians: Chiba Yakoh , Majima Akio, Nakaizumi Yukifumi, Nonaka Kyoichiro , Okuzawa Yasumasa and Yamanouchi Uichi.


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